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About Us

Cindy Pinnock

Bright, bold and energetic colors flowing across the canvas, peaceful, blissful and centered these are a few of my favorite things. I use a unique blend of impressionistic finger-painting and detailed brush work in many of my artworks. This allows me to pull colors up and over each other, creating flow and movement. I adore seeing how they couple and dance on the surface. I enjoy fine detail and can spend days, weeks, whatever it takes, to finish. However, I am also very impatient, so I find my finger-painting method very rewarding. Blending both techniques is a perfect balance for me. These works of mine are eclectic, just like me. Sometimes, I feel like a nut, sometimes I don't. My art dresses up an ordinary day. If my pieces can bring one person the happiness and joy that I experience while painting it, then I have achieved my purpose as an artist. My art is not about me, it is about the world I see.