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Graham Wickham

Artist Statement

Born into a world of artists, art lovers and movie and stage actors in Los Angeles, the influence of the creative and performing arts was strong. Both my best friend's mother and my ex-wife's mother (both from Berlin) were active in the German expressionist art movement. In my own family, one uncle was an Academy Award winning art director (Edward Haworth), and another uncle was a professional photographer and TV and movie actor (Joseph Haworth).

What art training I received as a young man was from my brother. When I was a teeneager he was ccepted at the 

Art Center School (no the Art Center School of Design). He taught me the basics of drawing, (charcoal, pencil, etc.) He had some success in commercial art (magazine illustrations and LP cover design.) Living in LA, I was fully immersed in LA County Art Museum, the Norton Simon Museum and the rest of the wealth of great art in the area. For me it was a rare and rewarding environment to grow up in.

My creative endeavors, however, took me into writing (English major) and performing music. Only recently have I gotten back into visual art and feel good about my brothers's tutelage as I was able to almost pick up where I had left off with my drawing lessons (40 years ago), almost as if it were yesterday. Basically, self-taught, for the past three years, I have been combining lessons and exercises from a number of sources with an intense study of and absorption in modernist American art. Having been surrounded by 20th century modernism and illustration my bias is there. I enjoy working in all water media including acrylic (I love to mix all of these), as well as drawing media, especially charcoal. I do a little oil, too.