Artist Statement

I am constantly a beginner because I am constantly learning. I consider myself a mixed media artist because I am always experimenting with different art forms and media. I have been a professional portrait photographer, dabbled in jewelry design, worked for several years in polymer clay creations and played with precious metal clays. I enjoy finding ways to integrate my previous interests with newer passions.

When I create art, I want to impart some wisdom, some whimsy, and some wonder. I incorporate quotes, empowering words, and spiritual symbols in many of my pieces. I mix acrylics with watercolors and gouache. I use India and acrylic inks, charcoal and pencil, pen and ink, gel pens, Inktense and Prismacolors pencils. I incorporate fabrics and textiles. I do monoprinting. I create my own papers. I carve my own stamps. Most recently I have discovered alcohol inks and am loving the spontaneity and surprise that comes from working with this medium. I’ve tried encaustics, Citrasolve, plaster; nothing is really off limits. Being a mixed media artist brings out the child scientist, experimenting and asking ‘what if.’ At the end of the day, it is all about having fun.

One of my joys is teaching and sharing the excitement of discovering new ways to create art. Before retiring, I was an educator, teaching adults to use the computer and Internet when it was all brand new. I have worked with special needs children, and senior citizens. Always, I am encouraging people to try something different. “Just try it…See what happens.” I currently teach classes at The Artist Loft Gallery in downtown Coos Bay, OR.

My work has shown in galleries and art spaces in New England, Arizona and New Mexico, and along the Oregon Coast. 

You can find me online @ileselevitt on Instagram or email