Melissa Epperson, Photography

Artist Statement

I am a photographer both from behind and in front of the lens. I have combined my love of photography with my love of painting into self portraits taken with a self timer and enhanced to look like a vintage painting. 

This project, going on my fourth year, consist of one picture a week come rain or shine. From the Northern California mountains, valleys, lakes, and historic sites, to more recently the Oregon Coast, with its many beautiful lighthouses, breathtaking ocean scenery and quaint coastal towns. I travel alone with my trusty tripod, camera, taser, and my imagination. My signature red lipstick, a dress and my pearl necklace and a few props like red shoes, an umbrella, a candle, lantern, book...etc are stored in my vintage suitcase in my car...just in case I need them.

I have well over 1000 photos and this project has turned into a story or tale. Girl With the Pearl is my story line name as I almost always wear a pearl necklace in every picture. I now live at the coast and continue to look for new and beautiful locations everywhere I go.