About Us

Stephen Wright, Metal Sculpture

Steve Wright is a musician and artist living in the beautiful Coos Bay area. Steve worked as a pipefitter, welder and fabricator in Colorado for many years before moving to the area to fulfill his dream of living on the coast and dedicating more time to his art. With his skill sets he was able to combine his love of nature, music and art with his love of metal working. He began creating one of a kind guitar stands and drum racks then moved on to sculptures fabricated from repurposed metal, wood and other materials. Steve picks items from junk yards, swap meets, antique stores, used tool and building material stores then combines them with driftwood, rocks, glass and other materials to create truly unique works. 

When not creating his own art in his home studio he spends his days working for a non-profit that cleans beaches and builds sculpture out of ocean debris to raise awareness of the effects of ocean pollution.